Saturday, 24 February 2018

TERRA -our home
6 grade: interdisciplinary activity
(ICT, ENGLISH, Astronomy, Physics)

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Last Wednesday we celebrated Carnival in our school. We recorded a video to show you the main aspects of this celebration. This year the topic was our Erasmus programme. Each level chose one of the seven countries that take part of this fantastic and wonderful project.

Enjoy watching as much as we did recording it!! :)

  Carnival at school from CEIP FRANCISCO FATOU on Vimeo.

Finland, the country of green gold and thousands of lakes

In the Erasmus+ project, we work on the Earth theme. The pupils are divaded into two groups. One examines Finland`s green gold, forests and another topic is thousands of lakes.

The group are mixed with 3-6-classes students (aged between 9-12 years old). This is one of our school´s multi-disciplinary learning set. The new curriculum sets up to 1-2 multi-disciplinary learning set per semester.

At the same time we teachers observe the pupils´skills. We use the S.A.T. (School Evaluation Tool)
is the main tool of this Erasmus+ project. 

Monday, 19 February 2018

Polish, Lithuanian and Finnish co-operate to fix the 2nd Cross-Curricular Unit and the EU Topic

This time, the theme is earth. We have three countries in this Erasmus project which are located around the Baltic Sea. For this reason, Poland, Lithuania and Finland have decided to cooperate.
Each country will focus more on 1-2 topics which are typical of the country.  Poland: Mountains and hills, Lithuania: Flat land and Finland: Forrests and thousands of lakes.

We had the first Skype-connection yesterday and our students were part of this connection. This project includes also skills and S.A.T. evaluation matrix.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Spain-Italy 2nd Exchange of Letters

Spanish kids replied to Italian kids

The 6th grade italian kids were really thrilled to receive a reply from the Spanish kids.

Italian Staff Meeting to fix the 2nd Cross-Curricular Unit & the EU Topic

The challenge of building Cross-Curricular Teaching Units involve everybody. For every initiative there is always a driver-team that will get the new input into the rest of the school-staff.


Brainstorming around the theme "Earth" and the possible interactions by different subjects approaches. The group also talked about skills and the S.A.T. evaluation matrix. The S.A.T (School Evaluation Tool) is the main tool of this Erasmus+ project. 


The other day in class, one student asked about interesting facts about the Romanina flag and the meaning of its three colours.

So, we thougt that it would be a good idea to ask to our Romanian partners and this is the result....Our Erasmus' friends prepared us a video with the explanation:

We couldnt be more grateful. Thanks a lot!